Weekly Classes


Bartenieff Fundamentals and Modern Dance Technique with LBMS

LIVE Online & in STUDIO  TUESDAYS 9:30 - 11:30 am (CET)

April 16 - July 2nd of 2024, except 21.05 & 04.06.24

Fundamental Dance is a health promoting dance training based on the somatic work of Irmgard Bartenieff and the movement principles of Rudolf Laban. In this dance training we will continue the effective and physically connected movements of the Bartenieff Fundamentals floor work by means of dynamic sequences in space.

This trimester we will focus dance sequences based on Labans central scales: Dimensional, Diameter and Diagonal scales.  


Open for all levels. Drop-in is possible.


Varied, simple aerobic Dance with LBMS Elements

LIVE Online  WEDNESDAYS 7 - 8 pm (CET)

April 17 - July 3rd of 2024, except 01.05 & 05.06.24

"Cardio" comes from the medical word "cardiovascular" and refers to the cardiovascular system. With different dynamics, or as Laban called it "efforts", we will increase and decrease the intensity of the heartbeat and breathing in exertion and recuperation phrasing.

This varied, simple, aerobic dance with LBMS elements to music will increase physical performance with ease.

Those who take part in this course have already completed part of the WHO's recommended weekly physical activity!


Open for all levels. Drop-in is possible.

FASCIAL FUNDAMENTALS - Relaxed fascia training

LIVE Online  Wednesdays 8:15 - 9:45 pm (CET)

April 17 - July 3rd of 2024, except 01.05 & 05.06.24

A fascinating new perception of the body is created by the fascia work on the soft balls with a "feel-at-ease" experience.

This is combined with the Bartenieff Fundamentals, with the developmental patterns and the Basic 6 as reference movements.

This combination - Fascial Fundamentals - re-hydrates the fascia as well as sets the fascia chains in motion.

In this trimester we will focus on softball techniques.


Open for all levels. Drop-in is possible.

Material required: Soft (MELT and Franklin) balls.


Somatic Bodywork and Gentle Strength Training

LIVE Online  Thursdays 7 - 8:30 pm (CET)

April 18 - July 4 of 2024, except 09.05. & 13.06.24

With somatic bodywork (Bartenieff Fundamentals) we will prepare the body for a muscle and bone strengthening workout with elements from Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS). We will perform the strength training with our own body weight and dumbbells / 500ml bottles filled with water. It is important to first connect the body with the somatic work in order to strengthen the newly found patterns.

Those who participate in this course have already completed part of the WHO recommended weekly physical activity!

Open to all movement levels. Drop-in is possible.



LIVE Online  Thursdays 8:45 - 9:45 pm (CET)

April 18 - July 4 of 2024, except 09.05. & 13.06.24

This somatic movement sequence (developed by Bernd Gotthardt, physician & osteopath) places special emphasis on potentially restricted body areas of the lymphatic system and its support by the nervous system, breath and spine. Through this mindful focus on the body in the movement it can assist the flexible self-regulation of the immune system

In each class we take a new anatomical focus. We will do the easy-to-learn movement sequence in sitting and in lying to harmonize the body systems.


This course is from the 3rd time on a closed group - because the classes will build up. For this reason there is no drop-in,  unless you have already attended a course.


With full course payment for the 10 classes:

1 hour: 120 €  (18 € for drop-in) 

1 1/2 hours: 140 €  (20 € for drop-in) 

2 hours: 160 €  (22 € for drop-in)


Hasenheide 54, 10967 BERLIN-Kreuzberg

Passageway between 2nd & 3rd courtyard, 4th floor 

LIVE Online via Zoom

with interactive parts and of course welcomed questions!