Solo, Duets and group Pieces

LimiTerra  Solo at the “Think Global – Act Local”, at Steinplatz, Berlin, 2019         

Liquid Spaces II  by the Global Water Dances Collective Berlin: Eva Blaschke, Sibylle Günther, Antja Kennedy, Heike Kuhlmann, Anja Schäplitz; Music: Henry Mex, Christoph Renner; Berlin Schöneweide, 2016 

Liquid Points and Liquid Points II  by the Global Water Dances Collective Berlin; Somatic Academy Berlin, 2015 and PHYNIXtanzt Berlin, 2016

Happiness Bday  Solo Piece, Music: “Happy” by Pharell Williams, Berlin, 2014

Six-Zap  Solo with 6 tracks from film music at Tanz Bremen, impuls  “Tele-Vision”, 2012

LibertyHouse and Harvest Dance  Dance improvisation solos for a charity evening, with the group “Drum 4 Fun”, 2010

Book writer  Solo at the EUROLAB Conference, Berlin, 2010

70 Years MK  Duet with Nora Oberländer, 2009

Geld Bewegt  Solo & Duet with Daniela Schlemm, at the conference of Roland Regional Currency, Bremen, 2009

Hits of the 80s  Dance improvisation solo at the 25th anniversary of impuls, Bremen, 2009

Werde-gang  Dance improvisation solo on Mary Wigman’s way to Rudolf Laban, Music: Grieg, at the Laban Conference, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 2008

Dance Improvisation Solos  at the opening of the community college (vhs) Bremen, in the Bamberger Haus, Music: Klaus Latza (Live), 2007

Water-Chance-Dance  Dance improvisation solo with randomized water sounds (according of the CD player), at Tanz Bremen, impuls "Weserblues", 2006

Limit - Terra Europa  Dance improvisation solo, at Tanz Bremen, impuls "Ihr und wir", 2005

Bird Mask  at the exhibition “Conexionismo” by Horst Poppe and Alvaro Macieira, Music: Klaus Latza (Live); Bremen and Nordenham, 2005

African Mask and European Mask at the exhibition “Conexionismo”, Bremen and Nordenham, 2005

Risk? Why?  Dance improvisation solo at Tanz Bremen, impuls, Music: Klaus Latza (Live), 2004

Faust - Appearances of Decay I/II  Solo on video - in a video installation by Ina Klee at the Societätstheater Dresden and Deutsches National Theater Weimar (workshop stage), 1999

Spatial Tension 

Trio with Bernd Gotthardt, Antja Kennedy and Frederike v. Krosigk, Music: Peer Göring (live), Tanzfabrik Berlin, 1997

4x4=6  Full evening dance improvisation for 4 dancers at the exhibition „Schöne Neue Welt“, 1993

Big City Noise  Solo piece; Music: Collin Walcott, P.A. Defilla, J.-M. Vivenza, 1986

Zeitensprung im Raumesschwung  Super-8 film by Nicolaus Gaier (director/camera), Bernd Oberländer (camera/editing) and Antja Kennedy (dance), 1985

Baffeln  Duet with Ulla Haug and Antja Kennedy; in front of the sound sculpture by Peter Klein, Tanzfabrik Berlin, 1981

Modifications  Duet with Julia Kliesch, Music: Thomas Benson, 1980