I have travelled to many schools / programs and have adapted my course topics to the questions of these groups (or individuals). 


My offers are for dancers, dance pedagogues, dance therapists, dance researchers, gymnastics teachers, physiotherapists, theatre pedagogues, actors, sports teachers, gesture researchers, social pedagogues, kindergarten educators, aqua fitness trainers, rhythm and music pedagogues, musicians...

just about all people who want to move healthy, creatively and effectively!

Here is the list of topics I have offered so far mainly for adults (some are also for children and some for people “over 50”):

  • Introductory course in Laban Movement Studies (LBMS) 
  • Introductory course in Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF)
  • Introduction to Anatomy (e.g. for bodyworkers) 
  • Introduction to Notation - according to Laban/Bartenieff
  • Aqua fitness, Aqua jogging, Back Fitness (in water)
  • Movement with LBMS for e.g. Dance Therapists...  (and many other professions - see above)
  • Movement observation training / data collection and analysis
  • Creating a Movement Choir
  • BF for e.g. Dance Therapists...  (and many other professions - see above)
  • Dynamics in dance
  • Dynamics and space
  • „Enviro-move-ment“ / Dance in nature
  • Fundamental Dance - dance technique with LBMS and BF
  • Fascial Fundamentals – Fascial work with BF
  • Body connections and Shape
  • Creative children's dance
  • Developmental Movement of the infant
  • Space harmony and personal scales
  • Healthy Back training  – “Happy Back”
  • Dance improvisation according to LBMS
  • Connected Body - Moving Space
  • From dance improvisation to composition

I am also open for further topics of adjoining fields.

Here is a selection of the Inhouse places I have taught the above-mentioned topics: 

impuls, Bremen; Codarts – Rotterdamse Danseakademie, Holland; Paritätisches Bildungswerk, Bremen; Die Etage, Berlin; Institut für Tanztherapie Hamburg (P. Klein); Alice Salomon Hochschule BerlinEuropa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder); Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt a. M.; University Paderborn, Sport Dept.; University of Hamburg, Sport Dept. - as guest professor.


As a preparation for the certificate programs, I have taught many introductory courses in Laban Movement Studies and BARTENIEFF FUNDAMENTALS since 1985, including the following locations:  

Tanzfabrik BerlinPHYNIXtanztTechnische Universität — in Berlin;

Kinesis, University of Hamburg, Department of Sports Science - in Hamburg;

TanzBau, University of Paderborn, Department of Sport - in Paderborn;

impuls, Bremen; Hasting Studio, Munich; Tanz mit Keriak, Stuttgart; Dore Jacobs Schule, Essen; Medau Schule, Coburg; Tanzerei Flugfisch, Leipzig; Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt a.M.

Orff Institute, Salzburg; Institute Schmida Vienna, Austria;

in Asunción, Paraguay (supported by the Ministry of Education).  


If you are interested in inviting me – please CONTACT ME!  Then I will send you a detailed description.