Upcoming Project: Until June 1st it is still possible to Participate

Global Water Dances at Steyerberg (Germany) in June of 2023

Global Water Dances is a bold visionary artistic initiative focused on the critical need for safe drinking water.

Through the universal language of dance, it inspires action and international collaboration for environmentally friendly water solutions.

This performance workshop is open to all, amateurs to professionals, who feel like expressing themselves in movement. We will connect with water in nature - feel it, move it, dance it.

The dance will be for the most part created on-site and performed on the weekend of June 9 - 11 of 2023.

Previously, there will be two rehearsal days over Zoom on Saturdays May 13 and June 3, both from 10 am to 1 pm. In addition, we will rehearse the global water dance in my weekly Tuesday class.

The location will be the Permaculture Park at Lebensgarten Steyerberg (PALS) and the river area around the Steyerberg town hall.

You are interested in participating? Then please write me so that I can send you more information.

Foto of the Steyerberg town hall by Carsten Wutzke

PAst dance pieces choreographed for other dancers:

Dance for Diversity  Directorship of the Creation of a Movement Choir at EDEN***** Studios Berlin, 2020

The Rising Sun  at the Laban Event on Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland; Music (live): Klaus Latza; 2017

Global Water Dances -Steyerberg 2017  Directorship of a dance event in the Permaculture Park at the Eco-Village of Steyerberg (Lebensgarten Steyerberg), Germany (

Global Water Dances -Bremenhaven 2013  Directorship of a dance event downtown and on the dike, Bremerhaven with students from impuls, Bremen 

Global Water Dances -Bremen 2011  Directorship of the dance event downtown (“Schlachte”) Bremen with students from impuls, Bremen (youtube)

Tango Dream  Group improvisation for students of impuls, Bremen, 2006


In the morning before classIn the break and Feedback Round  Group improvisation for students of impuls, Bremen, at „Schön war´s! – A Day at impuls“, 2005


Waterways  Part of the program „Antanzen“, group improvisation for students of impuls, Bremen at the Waldorf School, Bremen, 2003


Come in, Check in, Plane  Part of the program „Dance Window“, group improvisation for students of impuls, Bremen, at the "Schlachthof", Bremen, 2002 


Dance at the Terminal  Group improvisation for students of impuls, Bremen, at the Bremen airport, 2001


Art of Choice  Directorship of the piece, with the composition course, at LOT, Berlin, 2000


Locomotion  Group improvisation for students of the stage dance education of "Die Etage", Berlin, 1993

Natura non facit Saltus - An “Enviro-move-ment  with Dieter Baumann, Norbert Kliesch, Susanne Kukies, Brigitte Markland, Christina von Massenbach, Ka Rustler, Katharina Scholz, in the park of Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, 1988 (July 9: and July 10:

At the Zoo  Group piece with Tobias Burkhart, Mathias Früh, Michael Keim, Elisabeth Molle, Mikado, Karin Rasper, Ursula Ritter; Music: Laurie Anderson, at the Tanzfabrik Berlin, 1985

Cafezinho  Group piece with Mishiko Hachisuka, Dieter Heitkamp, Dagmar Ohl, Uwe Wenzel, Sabine Lemke, Bernd Oberländer; Music: Dudu Tucci (live) and Caetano Veloso (Tape), at the Tanzfabrik Berlin, 1982