UPCOMING Interactive WEBINAR/Mini-workshop

On Friday, November 1st of 2024, from 7 to 9 pm (CET):

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies as a tool for research, pedagogical and artistic work in dance

It includes the following topics:

  • Historical facts about  - Rudolf Laban   - Irmgard Bartenieff
  • The categories of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies
  • Significance for the work in dance


You will receive the link upon REGISTRATION.

The free webinar is interactive with movement sequences requiring a few square feet of space.

Previous Lectures / Lecture-Demonstrations / Lecture-Performances

100 Years of Movement Choirs, EUROLAB Conference, Loheland, November 2022


Application of LBMS in Dance / Theatre Performance, International Summit on Applying Movement Observation and Analysis to Therapy, Education and Art, Beijing, China, November 2019


Bartenieff Fundamentals and Fascial Training, EUROLAB Conference, Remscheid, October 2018


Talk „Dance generations and their heritage“, Tanzfabrik Open Spaces, Berlin, June 2018 (in German)


Connected Training - Training Connections, EUROLAB Conference, Lola Rogge School, Hamburg, October 2015


Lecture-Demonstration on Body, Effort, Space & Shape, EUROLAB – Open House, March 2015


Lecture-Demonstration on Laban/Bartenieff, Dance Summit, at the Schiller Theater, Berlin, April 2012


Lecture performance on Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies and Action Learning, EUROLAB Conference, Berlin, April 2009


Significance of Laban/Bartenieff movement studies as a tool for dance pedagogical and dance artistic study courses, Association for Dance Research (Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung -GTF) Symposium “TanzForschung & TanzAusbildung”, Berlin, October 2007 (in German)

Lecture performance on Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies and Action Learning, Gaia Action Learning Academy, Steyerberg, August 2007


Methods of movement observation according to Laban/Bartenieff, conference: “Movement in transmission - methods of dance research”, University of Hamburg, January 2006 (in German)


Spatial movement analysis and notation according to Laban/Bartenieff, Berlin Gesture Center & Center for Semiotics, Technical University Berlin, December 2005 (in German)  


Movement choir: “Elemental Man”, Tanzinitiative Hamburg e.V./ Triad, August 2003 (in German)             


“Rudolf Laban - Catalyst for a Moving Knowledge” a lecture demonstration, EUROLAB Conference, Düsseldorf, May 2003


Rudolf Laban - Catalyst for a Moving Knowledge, Dance of Words, Kassel, November 2002


Rudolf Laban – a German Perspective, ENCONTRO LABAN, Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2002


Rudolf Laban - Catalyst for a Moving Knowledge, a Lecture Demonstration by Antja Kennedy with Susanne Schlicher,

Tanzwerk, Bremen, February 2002 (in German) 

Rudolf Laban - Catalyst for a Moving Knowledge, a Lecture Demonstration by Antja Kennedy with Christel Büche, “Dance and Text” at Tanzfabrik, Berlin, October 2001 (in German) 


The Influence of Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies (from the USA) on Gymnastics (in Germany), Gymnastics in the new millennium congress from the Federal Association of state-approved vocational schools for gymnastics and sports ("Bundesverband staatlich anerkannter Berufsfachschulen für Gymnastik und Sport" -BBGS), Münster, May 2001 (in German)                                       


Laban Movement Choir and the Nazis, EUROLAB Conference, Rotterdam, May 1998


Shape - Lecture and Workgroup, EUROLAB Conference, Berlin, May 1997


Lecture Demonstration: Movement Choir after Laban (Choreography: Sam Thornton), “Tanz auf dem Olymp”, Berlin, May 1993 (in German)


Laban’s ideas on Movement Choir in connection to the exhibition - From Expressive Dance to the Olympic Festival, at the Academy of Arts, EUROLAB Conference, Berlin, May 1993


Planning and preparing modern dance classes with Laban Movement Analysis concepts, EUROLAB Conference, Giessen, May 1991 (in German)