Solo, Duets and group Pieces

Upcoming performance   CANCELED

SOLO with live music by Klaus Staffa

at the Book Launching of Biographies of Declan and Margrit Kennedy

on April 3, 2020 from 4.30 to 7 pm 

at Silent Green, Gerichtstr. 35, 13347 Berlin - Wedding

LimiTerra  Solo at the “Think Global – Act Local”, at Steinplatz, Berlin, 2019         

Liquid Spaces II  by the Global Water Dances Collective Berlin: Eva Blaschke, Sibylle Günther, Antja Kennedy, Heike Kuhlmann, Anja Schäplitz; Music: Henry Mex, Christoph Renner; Berlin Schöneweide, 2016 

Liquid Points and Liquid Points II  by the Global Water Dances Collective Berlin; Somatic Academy Berlin, 2015 and PHYNIXtanzt Berlin, 2016

Happiness Bday  Solo Piece, Music: “Happy” by Pharell Williams, Berlin, 2014

Six-Zap  Solo with 6 tracks from film music at Tanz Bremen, impuls  “Tele-Vision”, 2012

LibertyHouse and Harvest Dance  Dance improvisation solos for a charity evening, with the group “Drum 4 Fun”, 2010

Book writer  Solo at the EUROLAB Conference, Berlin, 2010

70 Years MK  Duet with Nora Oberländer, 2009

Geld Bewegt  Solo & Duet with Daniela Schlemm, at the conference of Roland Regional Currency, Bremen, 2009

Hits of the 80s  Dance improvisation solo at the 25th anniversary of impuls, Bremen, 2009

Werde-gang  Dance improvisation solo on Mary Wigman’s way to Rudolf Laban, Music: Grieg, at the Laban Conference, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, 2008

Dance Improvisation Solos  at the opening of the community college (vhs) Bremen, in the Bamberger Haus, Music: Klaus Latza (Live), 2007

Water-Chance-Dance  Dance improvisation solo with randomized water sounds (according of the CD player), at Tanz Bremen, impuls "Weserblues", 2006

Limit - Terra Europa  Dance improvisation solo, at Tanz Bremen, impuls "Ihr und wir", 2005

Bird Mask  at the exhibition “Conexionismo” by Horst Poppe and Alvaro Macieira, Music: Klaus Latza (Live); Bremen and Nordenham, 2005

African Mask and European Mask at the exhibition “Conexionismo”, Bremen and Nordenham, 2005

Risk? Why?  Dance improvisation solo at Tanz Bremen, impuls, Music: Klaus Latza (Live), 2004

Faust - Appearances of Decay I/II  Solo on video - in a video installation by Ina Klee at the Societätstheater Dresden and Deutsches National Theater Weimar (workshop stage), 1999

Spatial Tension 

Trio with Bernd Gotthardt, Antja Kennedy and Frederike v. Krosigk, Music: Peer Göring (live), Tanzfabrik Berlin, 1997

4x4=6  Full evening dance improvisation for 4 dancers at the exhibition „Schöne Neue Welt“, 1993

Big City Noise  Solo piece; Music: Collin Walcott, P.A. Defilla, J.-M. Vivenza, 1986

Zeitensprung im Raumesschwung  Super-8 film by Nicolaus Gaier (director/camera), Bernd Oberländer (camera/editing) and Antja Kennedy (dance), 1985

Baffeln  Duet with Ulla Haug and Antja Kennedy; in front of the sound sculpture by Peter Klein, Tanzfabrik Berlin, 1981

Modifications  Duet with Julia Kliesch, Music: Thomas Benson, 1980