Weekly Classes

FASCIAL FUNDAMENTALS - Somatic Movement Work

IN THE STUDIO or LIVE Online MONDAYS 7 - 9 pm — Starting on Sept. 14 of 2020

From 14.9. to 07.12.2020, except on 12.10. & 19.10.2020

We will melt into the fasciae with the weight of the body on different balls and rollers with a sense of "wellbeing", then we will stir it up and then rinse it.

At the end of the fascia work, a fascinating new body feeling emerges.

This work is thematically combined with the Bartenieff Fundamentals - as a framework of assessing the possible effects of the fascial work. This brings the chains of fascia in motion in all directions of space with bouncing, stretching and swinging.

Drop-in is possible.


Material required for the LIVE online classes via Zoom:

balls and/or roll (rolled blanket/MELT roll).

FUNDAMENTAL DANCE - Bodywork and Dance Training

IN THE STUDIO TUESDAYS 9:30 - 11:30 am — Starting on Sept. 15 of 2020

From 15.9. to 08.12.2020, except on 13.10. & 20.10.2020

In this dance training we will continue the effective and physically connected movements of the Bartenieff Fundamentals floor work by means of dynamic sequences in space.

Fundamental Dance is a health promoting dance training based on the somatic work of Irmgard Bartenieff and the movement principles of Rudolf Laban.

Open for all levels. Drop-in is possible.


LIVE Online THURSDAYS 10 am - noon (CET) — Starting on Sept. 17 of 2020

From 17.9. to 10.12., except on 15.10., 22.10. & 5.11.2020

Any movement is good for the immune system, but some are more to the point than others. This somatic movement sequence can assist a flexible immune system regulation. The lymphatic system is one of the systems that support the cells of the immune system circulation, but it can be restricted… In this sequence special emphasis is placed on these restricted body areas. In addition, there is a focus on the function of the breath and on spinal movements. The whole sequence is quite long, so we will do it in parts. In each class we will concentrate on a few movements of the lying floor sequence, as well as doing these parts in standing as a simple dance sequence.

Drop-in is possible.


13,-€ / class with total course payment

15,-€ / class with Drop-in



Hasenheide 54, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Passageway between 2nd & 3rd courtyard, 4th floor