September 16 - December 16, 2020

The Fundamentals developed by Irmgard Bartenieff offer a structured way to enliven the connections in the body. A range of different topics, movement principles and movement patterns are experienced and explored both through fixed exercises and sequences on the ground and through improvisations into space. The clear, effective and at the same time holistic movements have an integrating and centering effect. The increased body connections and movement execution will have an impact on our daily life as well as dance.

Sept. 16 - Dec. 16, Wednesdays 7 - 9 pm (CET) via Zoom

In each class there is some theory and a lot of practice.

CORE CONNECTIONS Online Sept.-Dec. 2020
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laban Movement Studies - introductory workshop

April 6 - 10, 2021

Laban Movement Studies is a tool to capture the variety and complexity of movement. Exploring the categories of body, space, shape and dynamics (effort), will help to identify personal preferences, to increase expressiveness and to develop creative skills. Dance improvisation, set movement sequences and feedback discussions will connect the practical and theoretical parts of the course.


Place and Organizer: TANZFABRIK BERLIN

From Tuesday to Saturday, April 6 - 10, 2021

daily 4 - 8:30 pm