Moving Transformation Coaching

Especially for artists and self-employed people

Change is on the horizon ... but you have the feeling you're stuck; you're not moving forward or you're moving forward sluggishly? You ask yourself: How do I get back into the "flow"? How do I access my full potential? 


I can offer to creatively accompany you in your transformation process. Through assessment, resource work, and visionary work, together we can clarify: where you’re coming from, where you stand, and where you want to go. We’ll highlight your strengths and abilities as well as explore what alternatives are available to you.

Through our process you will learn a variety of approaches and tools tailored to you. My methods draw from more than 35 years of independent artistic and teaching work, systemic coaching as well as movement analysis in the Laban/Bartenieff/Lamb traditions. Depending on the emerging issues we’ll adapt these methods which are most appropriate for you.

 - Systemic coaching is essentially a solution-oriented approach: we first clarify, reflect, and categorize in dialogue with each other your wishes and goals. The questions from systemic coaching enable people to change their perspective and broaden their awareness of alternatives. With this resource-oriented approach we can work out your strengths and re-discover potentials. Furthermore, images and movement can inspire and enrich your vision, which then can be broken-down into concrete steps.  


- In the context of verbal coaching I also offer movement analysis to reveal your somatic markers, found in the foundations of your unique body language. These are named using the Laban/Bartenieff vocabulary and brought into awareness using playful everyday movement scenarios. This physically experiential method of embodiment works profoundly to help reset your creative power.


- Another approach I offer is the "Inner Team", an integration of Embodiment and Systemic Coaching. It’s an “installation” you create in the room where your inner voices may negotiate in a theatrical way, and where you give space to all sides of yourself. These inner aspects are thereby brought into consciousness in order to develop coherent alternatives for your future.


- In some cases, it is relevant to shed light on your unique process of decision making. Here, after prior arrangement, a consultation using the Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) method can be set up (see below for details). By mapping individual motivations with MPA, not only do you become more aware of your own strengths in decision making, but it becomes more understandable why you get along better with some people and find it more difficult with others.

Testimonial: The session had a direct impact on my actions and I already feel enriched in my collaboration with others.

Photos: Michael Taterka

My coaching sessions are enriched with my experience in artistic creative processes in the preforming arts, teaching courses, workshops, and trainings, and furthermore writing and publishing articles and books. The co-creation of coaching is a tailor-made process to give you the space to open up to alternative possibilities of action in your life. I would be happy to accompany you in your process!

The first introductory session to get acquainted is 45 min (for 45 €). All further sessions over 90 min. cost 90 €. 

For job seekers, the price will be based on solidarity and your available funds. 

A series of 5 to 8 sessions is recommended.


Location: A light-filled studio in Berlin-Rudow or/and via Zoom


Movement Pattern Analysis (MPA) ACCORDING TO Warren Lamb

Testimonial: I am very grateful for the perspective that MPA has given me. In partnership, profession and in the family environment, it has given me more space for actions.


Everyone has their own way of making decisions. "Movement Pattern Analysis" (MPA) describes the individual path of making those decisions in a profile. This profile has been used successfully for over 50 years in over 30 countries around the world.


MPA provides information on the following points:

  • the favored approach to decision making
  • the personal motivation to act in the various phases of decision making
  • the preferred pattern of interaction within the various phases.

Photos: Michael Taterka

For most people, the motivation for each step of the decision-making process is distributed differently. While some people are highly motivated to gather information, others may have a greater interest in directly engaging the implementation of the decision or in clarifying their intent.


Different preferences in decision-making can trigger disputes and misunderstandings in both work and personal lives. Through the MPA profile, it becomes possible to leave the disagreement and understand the person who has a different approach to the decision-making process on the "meta-level." Precisely because each person is so "different," he or she might complement the mutual process rather than hinder it, and together you can find a more balanced decision - thus creating a "stronger" team!


To create an MPA, I will collect nonverbal behavior patterns during a (verbal) interview. The observation of very specific integrated movements provides information about how much initiative is brought into the different phases of the decision-making process. Unlike many other profiling methods that rely on verbal information, MPA relies on analyzing the pattern of non-verbal markers that cannot be consciously controlled. Through differentiated analysis, which is linked to an interpretive framework of decision-making, a picture of the preferred motivational aspects can be presented in a profile. This is extremely complex and thus maps individual differences.

Photos: Michael Taterka

Testimonial: It is amazing how Antja Kennedy hits the proverbial "nail on the head” with her MPA Coaching. (...) The analysis of our team was then razor-sharp and so clearly presented that I have since then carried the essential points within myself and learned to understand adjusting aspects in my daily work with my team.

A decision-making profile is created in 3 sessions; a 2-hour interview, a feedback session and a follow-up session. In between, the profile is created. 

Cost for companies:

with chart, verbal and extensive written feedback 2000 €.

Cost for individuals:  

- with chart, verbal and extensive written feedback 1800 €  

- with chart and verbal feedback 1600 €.

If you are interested in coaching, please get IN TOUCH WITH ME